Thursday, October 16, 2008

SelFish- The Myth

Farce is my sobered mumbling
Punctuating the crack of dawn,
Darkness hangs like a rubber tire
Strung by ropes from opaque boughs;
Blacksmith’s self-indulgence clings
Like a fractured alcoholic bliss
And it led me into the clearing
In the woods, too cold even for trees.

Can’t go there again
Don’t ask me to…
I’m sorry you’re so jaded,
But I can’t lead you.

I’m not what you think I am…
Didn’t let me be what you think I am…

Far from the anemic taped lips,
Far from the blue finger-tips,
The Thorazine pacified no tears
When the nimbus overhead conceived.
The black hemorrhage of stars
That won’t hush into reticent scars,
That won’t bow down to a day in sky,
Bids bondage unto my old farce.

Looking straight into your eyes,
Open wide, cajoling mine,
Your heart beating in mid-air,
Clutching the hand we both shared…
Symphony of pretensions---
They are at an end…
I can’t hold on to this,
I’m letting go of your hand.

1 comment:

Sushant said...

That was so deep..amazing work..!!