Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mortal Things

Upon one pristine unholy night
A blood-sucking,pallid girl had cried
To slit the veins of her betrothal
Unto the glacial, carnal salivation.
To denounce her freedom in the frame
Of time, to put a reign on eternity,
To stop knowing that for years to come
She may live and age into nothingness.
To stop the growing of nothingness,
She wanted to know she will die one day.

Will someone come and untie us all,
Here in the middle of our crucified fall,
To pray with us that may she not
Come for us tonight as we’re weak?
I’ve heard a creak, don’t want to wait
Longer now that we can escape,
Her clutches, for all the while we’ll stay,
Farther we get from living for immortality.
Live I will for the blood-sucking, or godless
Reality--maybe--but I live, till one fateful day.

Look, straight into the eyes of death,
It awaits you on its hunches.
But it waits…for you to appease
All of life’s fateful wishes
For you. Death waits…
For you, where eternity...only devours.

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