Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gangreen Grapes

When it becomes that absurdly obvious,
You laugh at your own lack of resource,
Then you growl a little to let yourself know
How you are so formidably low!

In this ploy of changing places,
My love is lost in the grapevine.
Taste my luck; it’s been to places,
Soon we can feed on sour red wine.

Standing, touching the wood of your fence,
I am done defending my existence.
Remember those words your mentor said,
The one retired,with Alzheimer’s in bed?

I know that you have been raped
By the subtle seeds of glory, soured
By the fleshy seeds of your grapes.
But now I’m losing you forever!

I will shed the watch, shred the clothes,
Fall to my chest, surrender to the floor,
Won’t rise until the grapes are gone,
And I’m with you all alone….
Because, I know, my wait won’t be long.

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