Thursday, May 24, 2007


Towards me she walks

In breathy silence,

Her lips in a sneer , it seemed...

Playful, but not juvenile,

Pulling me towards her,

Closer...ever closer

No matter how I try to hold back

From the crack of the sky

She whispers behind my back.

She awakens in me,

From a millennial lumber,

Rippling like the misted

Silhouette of an Early Rider,

Set for this journey she will

Accompany me,

To the land of Unbound Bliss.

On my first love she blows me a kiss!

She lives in me,

Looking over me,

Through red-rimmed eyes,

She always sees,

Picking me up, my broken pieces;

Against a cold old storm,

Against a dark starless night,

For me she always cries.

Hovering over my existence,

She pulls me in an embrace.

She'll survive as me

Beyond my touch, my trace.

She'll live in Them, as Evanescent Me,

In her hyaline curves, her divine grace!

She'll walk as me.

Towards millions unnoticed, untouched,

Their tears of faith she will rid

Yet today, towards me she walks,

For the destiny unfulfilled.....

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