Thursday, May 24, 2007


They're watching…
Before the frosty rays emanating from the Sun,
Over the eternal city light studded crown,
The city lights that stand lofty over and run,
The radiance of darkness down,
So fire-beetles forget their destiny and insipid,
Their purpose seems to find places whither in fairy-tales,
When deceptions sips on the blood of their bruises,
Oh the Sun, does it not know it's the City!
Does it not know when they're watching?
When in mid-December, their watchtowers stir,
For that is when, nigh, their breathes held high,
They sigh together.
They're watching, oh world,
Their maddening stare rips every soul, who have wronged,
Grips every hand that's killed, or hurt,
Sips poison in engraved goblets.
Yes, they're watching...
Do not move, do not speak,
Or kindle and live.
You do not have the right to that.
Be watchful…
They're always watching.
Faces of the children of the bereaved…
Ever watching…
Grieving mothers,
Faces of the daughters and sons of the ocean,
Watching, watching…ever watching…
Eyes of the heaven…
They're watching

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