Thursday, May 24, 2007


Dim Light,Dim,

The world is reflected off in steely gazes.
As I wallow in being yet alive in flesh,
The dose wasn't enough,it hurts,
I'm caught up in a unfitting dress,
The mesh of Everything,
Everything I disowned,
And Nothing I owned.
I still have to go,...

Walk in the dress under the Fated Dome.
Lit not in moonlight,nor of heaven,not even hell,
Trembling like first-sprout leaves in rain,
In candles of black flames,I see no reflection in the mirror,
There isnt even a pucnture on my throat,
The dose wasnt enough,
So I still walk.

It thrusts me,onto the porch,gnashes my dress ,
Bathes me in blood of the fortunate mourned for,
I dare not drink,lest it make me immortal,
The coffin was too small,
My dress too long.
I'm still undead,
I'm still not alive.

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