Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nervous wreck

The results are out.
And the humble beginnings of the Darkmaster
Beckons but at me with growing claws,
And I muster
The courage to hold his hands.
For,in it yet,
The dissolving pink rays
Of the hood of the drowning Sun
Lost and disarrayed,
Evokes,it,the echoing clink of the mangles,
But lullaby,
It is to a blue baby.
Lullaby for the children of the well,
For the sleepy Sun...

Here,upon my throne I sit,
Under darkness,ominous,beset,
In it a balden eagle shrieks nigh,
Shattering the heart of the sky,
That mirrors the waves and the lands,
And the moon in the sands,
In this mirror I see myself naught,
Does anyone remember the road
That strays them to be lost?
A perfect darkness is perfect within,
The wild penumbra of a flame licking,
Enshrouding a garden,
Of blooming shadows,
Shadows of one shade,
Lest I show.
Their dispersed beauty,
Like an awkward silence,
Between soulmates,
At first glance.

And here,upon my throne I sit,
Where Mother Darkness cajoles me,
And into her heart,I see...
On her dusky shoulder,
I weep.

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