Thursday, May 24, 2007



The sun was growing smaller,

Unfurling black holes unto Death,

I know.

And I await,with abated breathe,

Her Nemesis to seduce her from the

Face of dying Earth;

I know.

I know I wont live,

Wont even be a phantom,

Phantom I am now---

A mere flicker in this Kingdom,

The living kingdom of Death;

I know.

If only light years could be years,

Enlightened,untouched by tears

And seconds could be the distance

Between Them and Me,

I see,I foresee---

When humanity will die,

When fleeing winds will cease to sigh,

The butterflies could fly,

And not be feared by the boy I love,

If only there was a sole place for love,

I could be a phantom,

The Phantom of the Opera,

But by her death bed,

True tears I could shed,

I could be my last unfinished business,

Bidding adio to Her Nemesis,

From the other dying kingdom of Death.

But I know .

As the sun grows colder,

The universe, infinite,for distance...

Between Them and Me.

I sit in my corner,

Struggling to block the scorching summer,

Awaiting impatiently the onset of winter,

With abated breath,

In the kingdom of Death,

Awaiting .....the onset of My Nemesis.

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