Monday, May 5, 2008

Chaotic Simple life

Collapse onto my shoulders,
I am still here,
When everyone is gone, and I am bereaved,
I refuse to be taken…away.
Was a lapse of continuum, maybe,
Through a listless haze,
When everyone has left for, god knows where!-
I’m still pinned to my hideout in your arms.
Don’t have much of anyone else to confide in,
Don’t even have the weaker ones to console,
It’s a world to dare, am I the awkward one?
I walk the lonely path. No eyes to gawp when I stumble.

I am vulnerably awake to your innocence.
I am perfectly sane, I know I don’t want
To be suspended in the sick dreamlessness.

Mulling over the sirens screeching
About the changing skies,
Whether or not to heed it,
Or to stay open wide…
Not to the change, but to claim,
My own worship.

The singed hair will have to regrow,
I will have to reap the seeds I've sowed.
But I am certain,the strands will never whiten
As long as I am not here to just go.

Lines have never been, never will be.
Lines are for second lives, if that exists.

Chaos,my god,
Keep me righteous.
Keep the crumpled pages
Up flying in the sky,
So I can remember what was on my mind,
When I penned down, my simple immature life.

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