Friday, May 2, 2008

Tireless Wonderment

Chastified, tepid nigh night,
Unwoven waves thrash inside,
Hold me quiet, help me shun
The screaming voices close by,
They’re gnawing at my crown.
And don’t tell me the voice is mine,
Don’t want to know,
Don’t want to know where my chosen path
Has tossed me today.
For tomorrow is laid in its boulevard,
It needs me,as do I.
My dreams have suffered in the fear of this find,
Don’t tease me, my lost child.

Like you, I want to be just like you,
My aimless, missing one.
Like the melted silver tears of the moon,
Fuelling the pace of my sleep.
Like you, let me be just like you.

Dimpled dirty soot-black face,
I yearn for your snow-white embrace.
I need your wandering legs,and
Your sundry curiosity complex,
Wash me with your facecloth,
I wish to collapse on your knees,
Long to faint in peace.
Long to wait in peace for the waning of my morrows
In the light after darkness.
I tremble stiff,like the crystallized leaves
Of a snow besotted suburb.
The ashen brick pillars sigh steam and smoke on my mind,
Even as I lie naked in the open.

I long to be like you,little one.
I long for the surprise that my
Mirrortwin can evoke with my
Eyes open wide
I reach to touch the other face
Across the edge of this lonely Reality,
Beyond the barbwire of tangibility.
And I stroke the awe of the truth that I
Behind my shadow,exist.
Commit me ,child, again to that Avalon
Of mermaids and fairies.

Oh,innocent aimless child,make me wonder again.
Make me wonder,not why I am me…
But how I got to be the one and only…

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