Saturday, May 3, 2008

Love me,zephyr.

I was basked in the bitterness of caramel
Reminiscent of the spinning hues of a carnival.
I was estranged, alive but limp and bleached,
In the humorless rain for months at a stretch,
I’d been so hungry, so hungry that I would feed
On the white-hot flakes of my soldering dreams.

But it never came.
And I was never hopeless.

To be able to blame its slow tick-tock,
For long I had been winding my wall-clock,
I’ve grown rigid, a potted plant,in the slow motion
Of the one-dimensional, unchanging, legions
Of words,same words,same weak,unique words
And out the glass door,I hear the rain approach.

Once again, it came.
It never came.

I’m sprawled on the brown lawn,
I’ve shed the last shred of clothing,
Sprinklers come to life,
Like they know I’m sinking,
Into the depths of the folds of my own skin.
I’ve unleashed the hunger,I go no further,
And no one has seen me this way before.

You were never here,
Everytime it rained.
In the losing desire,
Never saw a victorious zephyr,
What was it that kept you away,
The rain or the wait for zephyr?
I don’t know you like I knew them,
I don’t trust you the way I did them,
But I’m more naked than ever before,
No one has seen me this way before.

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