Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Rivalry--the song.

Oh! You disfigured green locust
Come to distract my focus from my prey.
How you find me time and again,I wonder!
I don't want to fight you anymore...

Don't cling to me any longer,
Remember your last pitfall.
I will come for me out of the dark.
I will come..once more.

Oh! you have made it your sordid destiny
To be renamed as my one and only nemesis.
While the void inside your head screams to you
I don't want to fight anymore...

Blood has been dripping in my wake,
Where you have me derailed.
Yet,when,I write these words,I must be awake,
You must have failed!

Why not?
Forever,savour the blood
Of what you conquer.



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