Friday, May 9, 2008

Successive times

(when the fallen petals grudgingly crunched beneathe our feet and pierced the silence,all we could do is confess to each other that we had a past beyond ourselves...why??because...that's the most significant thing about human lives.nothing is we kiss again,to savour the moment that we had...after confession.)

When you started to fumble with the reigns
Is when I started to gain my foothold again,
Look up at your assassin,
You were always fated to be

I succeed you to your crown,
Accept your defeat, it was meant to be.
Not a divine consequence,
Not even so much as a revenge,
Its been long now since you did
For the likes of this moment of glory.
And the glory is mine,
Its my time.
For this we were both destined.

Nothing is forever.

When you started to grumble under the burden
Was when I was sought by your very men,
To fix your complacence,
You were always fated to be
Thus overthrown.

By me or another poor thing
Brooding and grieving in the dark.
Some are leaving this land now,
Some curse you with death now,
They all agree, they all want
A leader, an assassin from their own clan.
They’re tired of being deceived by you,
They all want someone new.
This your successsion.

Nothing is forever.

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