Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sanctuary- The Song

It’s a translated world
Of silver mud,
And honeycombs full
Of golden mud,
Meandering streams
With murky mud,
And, knee-deep, legs
Wriggling inside.

All held by,
The dirt of nature,
Singing melancholy on and on…on and on
All in a bind
Struggling together,
Screaming sweetly on and on…

In an evergreen world
Green faces grow…
Green-lights signal
The traffic to flow,
’Long with mute glances,
Across windows.
No one to know here
Salvage in tow.

All held mute,
Trying to seem foreign,
Singing unfathomably on and on...on and on
All secured,
Struggling in vain,
Screaming sweetly on and on...

On and on…and on…
On and on…and on…
On and on…and on

And though I know
That you have seen me
I will let you think
Like you want me to
That I did not see you
Looking at me
to imagine
How it is my mind thinks.

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