Monday, August 18, 2008

Threatened Zebra Crossing

Forget me not, forget me not,
As was I before you took hold of my cane,
Its four o’clock, its four o’clock,
And I am going by your rules all the same.

I will not deny,
I too have a mind,
That you want entwined,
Around your silver knife.
I will not help you find,
My splintered mind,
As we both stand
With locked eyes.

Begone, I’m not you, alone I am blue,
That hazy shade of X-ray plates,
Your rosy cheeks, your rosy hood
Fume alienated by trace of innocence.

Past 4 now,
The city square clock
Has spoken,
Policeman’s whistle has already
Been blown,
You can’t feign to kill anyone
Accidentally anymore…

I see a blind man tottering on the edge
Of the weathered pavement,
Trying to cross the road, great distress.
I see you run to his aid,
I cringe at this sight.
For I know later that day
You will be found
Narrating to another man,
Blind otherwise,
About what you had done
At 4 o’clock…

About how you empowered the man.

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