Monday, August 11, 2008

Perfect Plan

A swirling mist
Over a lonely road,
Your fogging silver frames,
And your asphalt mirror.
You clutch your left wrist,
Couldn't it bleed rather?
You ask...
But one last time you look,
Your face clouds over.
Your watch, it says…
Your game is over.
It’s that time already.
The perfect plan uncovers….
Its gnarling claws.
Your game is over.
A new day is tomorrow
Today would be never,
You and I shall be always
In a way, two lovers.
For now the ransom
Leave it there,
Turn away---not a look
Over your shoulder.
Oh no, what is happening?
I am bleeding here!
I ask...
What have you done?
Tell me how, traitor!
You bid my dreams to come undone...
And my game over...
But you never let me tell you the plan
You bid our fate together
To be ran over.
A new day is tomorrow
Today would still be here,
You and I shall always be
In a way, two lovers.

The perfect plan,
The perfect day,
The perfect hour…
Will never play
At petty fogging silver frames over lonely roads
Look up,
There’s a piece of satin sky taut above you.
The other side of the bleak and fateful evening...
It was a perfect plan,you have to admit.
In the was a perfect plan.
So I smile, reclined on my velvet floor
Knowing what you will never know,
Knowing that you will never know,Love,
The truth of my planned perfection.

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