Monday, August 11, 2008


My feet dug into cacti thorn,
I stagger awhile to regain control,
This journey has led me nowhere, so far…
Yet one must simply go on…
I shade my eyes with my hand,
I let not my eyes waver away from the sands,
This afternoon has lingered longer than I thought…
I know I may fail finally soon…

I see, oh I see, shards of glass
Tinkering in the bright sunlight,
Flirting with the sun’s slow progress,
It could be real or a mere mirage.

Your wide line of defenses
They wring your life of mistakes,
But I know I might drown, in the sea of my own,
Still I trust no defense…
I would rather plough my wilderness
Of weeds that sprout in hollow darkness,
Than hear in my own head,the voice of reproach…
I would never know regret again…

The past is blind in its death,
I mourn it in the colors envisaged
By my tomorrow, my beautiful tomorrow…
I leave my dreams to you…

I know I am soaked in your blood,
I will do anything to guard you but
Not the contrite words of a religion,
Regression they are, my cremation.
I will not die, with the past…
I will not let it buy my soul.
I will not regret, I will not regret,
Call me stupid, call me cold.

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Sushant said...

You are an amazing writer..that's what I want to say after reading this..!!