Saturday, August 30, 2008

Five Years

You drove me across
Five thousand memories,
To leave me in a patch of
Your morning glories.
I rummaged among
The savaged crowd
Of the other tiny lives in
This one big world…
And I still chose this life,
I still chose this life…
For me...
For you.
Oh…discontinuous scenes
They touch you like the wind.
Oh…disappear they will
Remember or not, like a dream.
But they will find a way to meet
Your end at the Confluence.
But may they find me sooner…
I wish to go before your end.

Five years past from now,
You may or not be here,
But let me tell you now,
I really cannot care.
Can't even wonder
Why it couldn't be
Some two other
Human beings.
'Cause its more than wishes in grant.
Too perfect the way that it is.
This you...
This me.

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